NOR Shipping 2017 Exhibition in OslO

Rudder celebrates the Day of paella in the port of Valencia


Rudder Logistics participated in another edition of the most prestigious and International Fair of the Maritime Sector.


Performing repair work on the stern ramp of the Stena Nordica (September-October 2016).

Dismantling and partial replacement of the ramp itself and its structure. Revision and reconditioning of hydraulic, electrical and lubrication systems. Reconditioning of bolts and lodges of articulations of its different elements.

Installation of anchor and anchor chain

Offen Group baptizes in the port of Barcelona to the container ship MSC Cadiz. Rudder is your official service provider

 Photo: E. Garcia / Diario del Puerto

Photo: E. Garcia / Diario del Puerto


Rudder Logistics closes a year full of major repairs and services, carried out by our team. A year full of new projects and illusions that make us grow every day more and gain the trust of our customers, to whom we thank the trust deposited in us.

At the end of the year we can see the reward by looking at the Álvarez de la Campa wharf, where three ships are waiting for assistance from Rudder Logistics, chemical ship, machining and repair of the razor, two container ships, dismantling and repair of the crane First ship, and revision and renewal of the second safety equipment.

This is a small sample of what 2016 has looked like here at Rudder Logistics.