Medical Services

Certificates, tests, vaccinations, medical examinations, dentistry, medical visits. Analysis of drinking water / food, Disinfection / Control, Certificate of sanitary control (SSCEC).


  • Cholera, yellow fever

Medical reviews, specialists, dentistry, special reviews, CT, SMR, ultrasound, gastroscopy, etc., First aid kits.

  • Clinical and laboratory analysis
  • Medical visits on board / hospitalization


Boat service / barge. Services to ships in mooring. Change of crew from anchorage.

Parts and supplies.

Services of support to the professionals of the sector like bathymetry or service of divers.


Special Rentals

Rent of Yokohama fenders, Stairs from 8 to 12 meters

Anti-pollution Barriers

Power Generators

Specific machinery and tools




Reception and handling of goods. Storage and distribution.

Warehousing and storage

Freight forwarding

Truck transport, national and international

Customs clearance


Support Team

Crew assistance for VISA, consulate, banking services and Internet services

Crew change

Bus and van services

Repatriations, sea protest

Hotel service and travel preparation


Security Services 

Personal security

Access to terminal control, port station, wharehouses, footbridges, assistance and monitoring of multipurpose areas in the port and repatriations.

Canine equipment