Port: Tarragona

Anchor Repair

Port: Malta

Hull cleaning caused from an oil spill.

Port: Las Palmas

Renewal of chain boxes

Port: Valencia

Complete reconstruction of the rubber seal of the cargo hold hatch.

Port: Cartagena

Engine rewinding.

Port: Barcelona

Crane ship glass replacement

Replacement cover ship. 

Paint Job  

Port: Barcelona

Repair of upper anchorage, connection with steel platform from the ship’s gangway, also repaired cracks in several steps.

Port: Barcelona

Crane Removal 

Winch Load Test

Crane Repair

Boiler Cleaning/Fitting Plug

Port: Barcelona

A provisional hull repair along with reinforcing the hull with the attachment of brackets.

Crane, gangways and eye plates inspection. Load Certificates. ( 1ton- 50 ton)